Premium Quality

Durable Products

HEWI offers decades of experience in synthetic material technology. Since 1929, HEWI has produced synthetic material products in its own plant in Germany. We are known worldwide for our high-gloss surfaces and uniquely brilliant colors. The products made of polyamide have a non-porous surface and are therefore particularly hygienic and easy to clean. 

Polyamide is extremely robust and is therefore particularly suitable for public sanitary rooms. A corrosion-proof, zinced steel core reinforces the inside of support rails, hinged support rails and shower seats and thus increases stability. Careful processing with resource-saving production methods creates high-quality, durable products of outstanding quality.

Easy and Secure Installation

Engineering Made in Germany

Range 477/801 stands for engineering made in Germany. HEWI support rails and rail systems have a concealed fixing. The fixing roses are made of corrosion-proof steel. The innovative fixing technology enables corrections, so that the support rail or rail system can be installed exactly. Self-latching roses made of high-quality polyamide conceal the fixing. Thanks to the extremely small gap, dirt cannot deposit between the wall and handle. This increases hygiene significantly.